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The dog was drawn by Josh. It is of Elwood, who can often be heard in the background of the show. The rest was scribbled and put together by me DIY style. I suck, so it took way longer than it should have.


Skippy's Dungeon of Dragons: Part I

Dungeons & Dragons is something that I’ve had a relationship with since I was a little kid.  My older brothers both played, so I was around it from the time I was old enough to read.  The amount of time I’ve spent reading D&D rulebooks, especially the Monster Manual and its ilk, is almost embarrassing.  To this day, I could probably quote most of the rules for 2nd Edition from memory.  Thing is, none of my childhood friends ever actually wanted to play. 

I managed to sporadically play in college, but the longest-running D&D game I’ve ever been a part of  is a 5th Edition campaign that started in December of 2017.  At the time of this writing, this campaign is about 8 sessions old.  My players are The Wife, Some Guy Named Greg, and our friend Jordan.  I, Skippy, am the Dungeon Master.

We have fun…mostly. 

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Check out These Classic Christmas Commercials

Dinosaur Dracula is a groovy blog that trades in nostalgia and 1980s and 90s ephemera. (Fittingly run by the guy who used to run X-Entertainment.)  Recently they've been posting a ton of old Christmas commercials for toys and TV holiday specials.  One of the commercials they posted yesterday just happened to be a promo for "Alf's Special Christmas", aka the worst special of Santaclysm 2015.

If you enjoy the video below, check out the much larger set of of Christmas commercials at

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