J.A.T.H.E. | 2017/12/03: SANTACLYSM 19: A Cosmic Christmas / Christopher the Christmas Tree

In the second and last SANTACLYSM of 2017 we review two obscure Canadian animated specials. The first, A Cosmic Christmas (1977), is about 3 Magi from space and is probably one of the worst specials we've ever watched. The second, Christopher the Christmas Tree (1993), is about a really dumb tree who is both too small and too big to be a Christmas tree. It is also terrible, but the result is probably one of the funniest reviews we've done. Merry Christmas!

J.A.T.H.E | Episode 199: SANTACLYSM Pt. 17 - RANKIN/BASS 5

In this episode: It's a Christmastime marathon of Rankin/Bass specials. Every year we devote a handful of episodes to Christmas movies/specials. This year we only had time to record one, so we made it count. This is a massive 3 hour episode wherein we discuss 6 specials from top to bottom. The specials inculded are Leprechaun's Christmas Gold, Nestor the Long Eared Christmas Donkey, The First Christmas: The Story of the First Chrismast Snow, The Little Drummer Boy (1 & 2), and Pinochio's Christmas. If some of those things sound bizarre to you, it's only because they are. I hope you and enjoy this episode and have a great Christmas. Also: we say Dynamation several times when we meant to say Animagic. That is a thing that no one but us would notice or care about anyway, but there it is.