christmas special

J.A.T.H.E. | 2017/12/03: SANTACLYSM 19: A Cosmic Christmas / Christopher the Christmas Tree

In the second and last SANTACLYSM of 2017 we review two obscure Canadian animated specials. The first, A Cosmic Christmas (1977), is about 3 Magi from space and is probably one of the worst specials we've ever watched. The second, Christopher the Christmas Tree (1993), is about a really dumb tree who is both too small and too big to be a Christmas tree. It is also terrible, but the result is probably one of the funniest reviews we've done. Merry Christmas!

J.A.T.H.E. | 2017/12/17: Set Your Scanners to Gun!

We do an absurdly long (and spoiler filled) in-depth discussion about Star Wars: The Last Jedi that was recorded on the weekend of the film's release. Before that we play a brief game about Christmas movies and then a long round of Undebeatable. The Last Jedi discussion starts at Minute 46.