game of thrones

J.A.T.H.E. | 2019/05/26: Something Something Friendship (Finale)

We talk about a few movies (How To Train Your Dragon 3, 8th Grade, The Poughkeepsie Tapes, and more), Game of Thrones (series finale), and play the final round of the second season of our fictional fighting tournament Undebeatable.

This is the final episode of Joe's Awesome and Tommy Hates Everything.

We'll return with another podcast project in the future, but we're taking the Summer off. Stay subscribed to the channel for details.

Whether you've listened for years or just stumbled across us recently, thank you. Goodbye for now.


J.A.T.H.E. | 2019/05/05: Big Man Legs & Huge Prominent Ape Nipples

We talk video games (Divinity: Original Sin 2 / Mechstermination Force), movies (The Man Who Killed Hitler and then The Bigfoot, The Craft, the Sonic the Hedgehog trailer), and then continue a spoiler-filled discussion for Avengers: Endgame (16:00 to 29:00) and then get into an equally spoiler-filled discussion for Game of Thrones Season 8 (29:15 to 52:00) and we wrap it all up with 2 rounds of Undebeatable.

J.A.T.H.E. | 2019/04/14: How Strong is the Strongest Moon?

Skippy and Joe talk Earth Defense Force, Tommy talks Mary Poppins and Dracula, Josh talks wrestling, and we play 2 rounds of Undebeatable.

NOTE: there were a couple tiny audio glitches that I couldn't edit around. They are small enough that I probably shouldn't even point them out, but I also don't want it to seem like I didn't try.

J.A.T.H.E. | 2018/08/19: Falls Into A Yesterday

We talk Dungeons and Dragons, classic video games, resurrecting dead actors through cgi, plagiarized youtube videos, movies (Child's Play remake, Halloween reboot, Slenderman, and more), and TV shows (Jordan Peele's Twilight Zone, Game of Thrones, Disenchantment, Ducktales, Star Wars Resistance, and more).

J.A.T.H.E. | 2018/08/12: Why This Basket

We talk about leaked Game of Thrones scripts, Doom Patrol, Batman's Wedding, The Twilight Zone, Letterkenny, The Crow 4 (Wicked Prayer), Spider-Man: Far From Home, The Oscards, and a lot more before finishing with a round of the Rotten Tomatoes games.

J.A.T.H.E. | 2018/06/17: Over Doughnut-ing

Tommy and Skippy celebrate Father's Day by discussing whether their favorite fictional fathers from movies and books were good dads or bad dads. They also talk in depth about THE STAIRCASE on Netflix, terrible Star Wars fans, Chris Hardwick being an monster, and much more.

J.A.T.H.E. | 2018/06/03: Got That Alfred Money

We talk about how the 90's sucked, and then discuss recent (and bizarre) movie news and video game news before finishing with the final round of the second tier of our fictional fighting tournament Undebeatble.

J.A.T.H.E. | 2017/12/31: Sam-Rex

Recorded on New Years Eve, we talk residual Star Wars feelings, comic books, Game of Thrones, Dungeons & Dragons, The Shape of Water, as well as a round of undebeatable (featuring an iconic 90's movie monster and a post-apocalyptic one-armed warrior). The last half of the show is spent discussing and comparing the on-screen kill counts for several action stars. Credit to the blog All Outta Bubblegum for most of the stats we used.