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Joe's Awesome and Tommy Hates Everything

The world's first* and probably only pop-culture podcast. Personal stories, news articles, and games. Five life-long friends discuss movies, literature, comic books, videos games, and more in this talk show that tackles entertainment news (as pertaining the tastes of the hosts and guests) as well as the general news of the day. Started in 2011, the podcast ran for 5 years before taking a hiatus, and was rebooted to be better than ever in 2017. The link above will only take you to the post-reboot episodes. For the first 200 episodes, scroll the the final listing on this page (though I suggest you start with current series).

Cult Commentaries with Tommy & Skippy (Coming Soon!)

Bizarre, scary, funny, and just plain weird. Tommy D. and Skippy the Skeptic provide full-length commentaries for a large assortment of cult films. We hope these episodes are entertaining whether you are syncing the audio along with the film or just listening to the audio by itself. For more on our intentions with the show, check out the first episode.



We're big fans of Christmas. Every year we dissect a handful and movies and television specials devoted to the Christmas season. Hear a bunch of thirty-somethings deep dive into the Rankin/Bass catalog, or dicuss forgotten Yuletide classics. Sometimes shit gets weird.


J.A.T.H.E: The First Five Years

The first 200 episode of Joe's Awesome and Tommy Hates Everything. Since the show's inception in 2011, it has undergone a number of changes. Some of our favorite moments ever are in these episodes, as well some of the most embarrassing. I'd prefer that a new listener start with the most recent episodes, which start at the show's post-hiatus return, or at least listen to the introduction episode first. But whatever, we ain't your boss.